19 Dec 2010

And Then They Were Stuck….

If you’re stuck at one of our airports right now, I believe you’re getting free inter-web access. With that in mind, and if one of you miss-spells your desperate ‘airline help’ search and ends up here, well, over the years I’ve been in the same situation many times. It’s an absolute pest is it? And you’re all thinking, why does it only ever happen to me? It’s just not fair. Yes, I’m afraid I used to think that as well. On my way to the bar. Then it didn’t matter.

Anyhoo, you have my symphony. Actually, I haven’t done one of those. Try Mozart or that other old guy, Beethoven, pronounced Beet hoven, okay? They did a few. Failing that, you all have my sympathy. He he he he he. Sorry. Really, you do.

I must admit, having been there, to a warm fuzzy feeling that I don’t need to be there no more. He he he he he.

Quote; Dave Barry.

“A hundred years ago, it could take you the better part of a year to get from New York to California; whereas today, because of equipment problems at O’Hare, you can't get there at all.”


Caratacus said...

Mac, you can be an unkind sod sometimes!

In one of PGW's Jeeves tales there was a wonderful passage (among many) which ran upon the following lines, "... there are those girls who, even when given the opportunity, will never say, 'I told you so'. Honoraria was sadly not of their number".

Now why did I think of that just now....?

Mac said...

“I told You so.” Wonder how many times that’s been used over the past few days in trains, planes and automobiles?
I can’t help thinking of all those costly windmills, some helping to warm a few while the majority sit static and look down on the plight of the many.

Yes, it was a tad cruel - sorry.