14 Nov 2010

And Then There Was Toe Warming….

Enjoy your Sunday evening; must be time for “Sing Something Simple”. Man, if ever a program was designed to get you manically depressed before the school week started, that was it!

Anyhoo, try this little song. Of all the versions on offer I enjoyed this take on the number mostly the most. A rough cut at the end, but what can I do?

And while you toast your toes in front of the fire listening to that, this is a right riveting Sunday read for your reading, wot is well worth a read while you listen to the other. And so’s this.

Wouldn’t you have thunk that some of our elected MP’s would get the occasional bit of reading material delivered to their bubble worlds? Pushed through the same slot we are obliged to push our money? And then, after reading, irrespective of the path they have selected for us all, have one of those ‘Hay, waaiiit a minute!!’ moments? Then dispatch a minion to, “..check this out before I make a complete arse of myself. Again.”

Naïve, am I? Enjoy the toe toasting while you can.

Quote; Voltaire.

“It’s dangerous to be right when the government’s wrong.”

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