28 Oct 2010

And Then This Was Inside The Camera….

With the camera battery debacle, what I missed was the ‘start’ of this here cloud formation. It looked like the whatsit cliffs of Dover – solid white, gray at the top and blue sky below with the sun behind and towards the bottom giving an upwards ‘magic’ glow. To the right it was peeling off to form what I done photographed, sorry, snapped. Looked like chopping an onion. And, in the grand scheme of stuff, fast!

By the time I did the battery charging stuff, the cliff looking part had completely broken up to look like wot you see in the photos, the peel away part. Photos, sorry, snaps that don’t do it justice.



Told you it wasn’t that exciting didn’t I? Although, watching it all unfold {pun?}, it did look kind o’ spectacular.

Off outside now to see if all-over dull gray’s worth a shot…

Quote; Judy Garland.

“Behind every cloud is another cloud.”

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