30 Oct 2010

And Then There Was Building….

Saw man next door building stuff down the bottom of his garden. I enquired if the structure was winter quarters for the fairies. He assured me it wasn’t, but, that after it’s intended use, he may just leave it for the fairy protection purpose. So there you go, there are other people as daft as wot I be.

He explained that the structure is for a kids Halloween party. It will have a curtain across the front which will be whipped back at the appointed time, accompanied by fireworks, to reveal something really, really scary. I quickly made it clear, before he got too carried away with the scary building, that ‘my little nest of vipers’ wouldn’t be available.

He laughed, but I could tell he was a tad disappointed.

Quote; Jean Baudrillard.

“There is nothing funny about Halloween. This sarcastic festival reflects, rather, an infernal demand for revenge by children on the adult world.”


Caratacus said...

Mac - something I've often thought to ask, if you don't mind my presumption, does Mrs Mac read your blog....?

I mean, after all, we may all have these little thinky-poos from time to time, but few of us have the courage and moral fortitude to air them publicly.

One takes one's hat orf, one really does.

Mac said...

Oh, come on, I’m a man not a mouse! I have no fear regarding the poking of fun at her. At this time. She can’t read English.

She is. However, attending a college to learn so you may notice a subtle change in my approach over time.

When that occurs I will come back here, reverse ‘man’ and ‘mouse’ in the first sentence, delete ‘no’ in the second and, sadly, join what I suspect is the majority. Enjoy it while I can.