25 Sep 2010

And Then There Were Aliens….

I wuzz flicking through the TV channels today when I ran into a program about UFO’s and aliens.

One of the fascinating hypothesis raised in this program was that aliens, known as ‘The Grays’, are already here, living in underground bunkers and are busy abducting and genetically engineering folk to take positions of power up here on the surface with the object of World domination. I mean, really, wot absolute rubbish.

Then I clicked to a channel that was showing the five thingy contest line-up for the leadership of the UK Labour Party, and you know what? I’m now absolutely convinced that ‘The Grays’ are indeed here!!

If a Gray is, by any chance, monitoring this site, please note that you obviously have all your required loony, alien ideas programmed into these beings, so I just have the one observation; please, next time, before you turn anything loose on the surface, you really must pay more attention to the packaging, okay? Try to make something a tad less ‘in your own image’ as alien stuff tends to scare the willies out of us. No offence, but there you go. Hay!! Wait a minute!! Willy!! Wow!! You guys got a base in Wetwang?

Oh no, now what? Man, that’s a bright light in the garde……

Quote; Robert Orben.

“Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian.”

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