21 Sep 2010

And Then There Was Txting….

Just a little more mobile phone stuff while I’m on the subject an’ that.

Having more or less beaten their computer lady voice with all her/its attempts to thwart me in my ‘registering a SIM’ adventure, I was surprised to receive a txt message. I believe that means ‘text’. This is new to me, this txt stuff, but feeling I was on a roll I decided to have a go.

On reading the txt I discovered the phone company were asking if I would like to take part in a survey regarding, in their words, the simplicity of activation. Oh, yes please!!

Press one. Bing bong, first txt arrives with a question to which I should txt the answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This is horribly familiar territory. No, wait! Txt, not say. That’s just Y, E and S or N and O on the key pad right? I can do that. Cool.

My answer was to be ‘yes’. Press Y, then press E, then Pre…. Wait a minute. Where did ‘yeomanry’ come from? Start again. Same result. Yeomanry. Resort to book of instructioneering. Predictive Text is wot it is. Punch a letter and the phone will decide what you want to write. Y+E = Yeomanry? I mean, yeomanry? Why not start with Yea then Yeah then Year and thusly slowly but surely head towards Yes? Yeomanry? He be way down there. Oh, wait. I would still have to pass yeomanry to get to yes. No? Predictive I don’t need.

After yet more frantic button pressing I found the ‘Off’ key for that there predictive stuff and completed the survey. Nothing provided to actually voice my true opinion by the way, only more ‘Yeomanry’ or ‘No’ stuff.

I honestly, and this must be obvious, don’t use a mobile phone for txting. I don’t use it other than to phone people. Occasionally. And not to let people know I’m just about to turn left off the High Street or just going into Asda. I don’t use Twitter either. I honestly have no desire to know where anyone is twenty four hours a day. But lots of people do use many of these txting, twittering and book facing thingies don’t they? IMHO, that’s cool I guess.

I remember in the early txting days you would be constantly walked into by txting folk and regularly see people draped round lamp posts nursing bleeding noses after txt related collisions. And now? You know what? With just about the whole population doing it? Nothing. No collisions, no bleeding noses – just seaweed swaying in the tide sort of head down dances to txting.

Could it be some sort of evolutionary process in action? After all the nose bleeds and bollard related crotch incidents, has nature stepped in? Seems like people, younger than me people that is, now have an in-built, automatic navigation system which allows them to flow round obstacles with uncanny accuracy while remaining head down doing that txty stuff without so much as a glance up the way. I must study this. Can I have a big grant now please? No, a BIG grant.

Never mind the navigation, it’s a whole new language!! What of the future? Is this it?


Quote; Unknown.

“I like my new telephone, my computer works just fine, my calculator is perfect, but Lord, I miss my mind!”

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