2 Sep 2010

And Then There Was Stuff To Do….

Knowing you’re all most concerned about my jiggery condition – pardon? Your not? Oh. Anyhoo, I’m happy, very happy to report that I’m now fully functioning again and feel on top of the burger.

As such I have much stuff to do wot I didn’t get to do before but can now get to do, so do it I must be doing. In view of this doing of things, please note I will be doing these things and that may well mean I won’t be doing this. By ‘this’ I do of course mean this. No, this, this bloggy stuff.

For heavens sake. Get a grip, pull yourself together. It’s only for a few days okay? Come on now. Big blow. There. Better? Good. {Man, I really do need to get back to my home planet.}

While I’m away, why don’t you bob along here and enjoy this musical enjoyment. It’s ever so nice. I think. You think?

Quote; Rod Sterling.

"It’s difficult to produce a television documentary that’s both incisive and probing when every twelve minutes it’s interrupted by twelve dancing rabbits singing about toilet paper."

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