5 Aug 2010

And Then He Sailed Back….

I’m delighted to report that after a storm lashed twenty-four hours at sea, the good Captain, aided by the fair wind of an exceptional number of supportive comments, has successfully navigated the rocks of doubt and sailed safely back to port. {Personally, I believe it was my sulk regarding loosing my one and only link wot did it, but I’ll let that pass.}

For those of you not familiar with the Freeman concept, or those of you who assume you are free, may I recommend a visit to the Captains Table where you will be entertained while learning the philosophy of ‘Freemanry’ and the steps to take should you wish to follow the road to becoming a Freeman. If nothing else, it’ll give you serious pause for thought.

Welcome back Captain, you were missed…… {Man, I really need to get out more.}

Quote; Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein

“Freedom is that instant between when someone tells you to do something and when you decide how to respond.”

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