30 Jun 2010

And Then There Was An Interesting Figure....

Mr. Puddlecote has an interesting little set of figures up on his site. Interesting, but no big surprise is it? I doubt you’ll fall over backwards in amazement. But it do make you wonder how we ever got grown up enough to discover cars an’ planes an’ stuff like that;

Pythagoras’ Theory – 24 words
Lords’ Prayer – 66 words
Archimedes Principle – 67 words
Ten Commandments - 179 words
Gettysburg Address – 267 words
US Declaration of Independence – 1,321 words
Magna Carta (including signatures) – 3,856 words
EU regulations on the sale and trade of cabbages – 26,253 words.

You can almost picture the office full of office working people with no proper office type work to do and wondering how to fill their six hour Brussels type day. Then in comes the boss of the office working people and asks if they could write a few words on the cabbage business. Can you imagine the reaction? Something along the lines of – “Cabbages and the business dealings thereof? You’re asking if we can write a few words? I mean, are you for real? Can we? Oh, YESSS!! You beauty!! Cabbages? There truly is a god. Come fellow scribes, cabbages it be!! This could be good for the year. Sprouts next don’t ya thunk?”

Probably the sons and daughters of the good folk who put together the The Great and Glorious Ground Nuts Order of 1972;

The Ground Nuts Order of 1972: In the Nuts (unground), (other than ground nuts) Order, the expression nuts shall have reference to such nuts, other than ground nuts, as would but for this amending Order not qualify as nuts (unground)(other than ground nuts) by reason of their being nuts (unground).

Quote; Winston Churchill.

“If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.”

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