29 Jun 2010

And Then I Got Something Free….

So this letter falls through the letter box a few days ago. It’s from those nice people who let me have water when they’ve got some to spare. They were offering me something free! I know, I know, nothing’s free but the word do have a magical sound to it, do it?

All I had to do was whizz onto the web-a-net and let ‘em have my address and they would send me my free thing. It did occur to me that they could’ve just popped the free thing in the first envelope, but there you go, that’s just me.

Today my free thing arrived! You’re probably on the edge of your seat wondering what the free thing is. I must admit I was interested to know as well. Up to this time all I knew was – FREE.

It’s a shower water reducer for reducing the water you use while showering in the shower! What you do is glue this little thingy between the water-in and the shower hose. Hay, he’s not a cheap bit of plastic either. He be grown up, fully chromed, tuff stuff.

Before you install this water flow reducery guy it gets a tad technical. Part of the kit is a pre- and post-water flow measuring and timing analyser. Actually, you and I would call it a clear plastic bag with a red line round it.

You stuff the shower head in the bag, turn the shower on full, and time five seconds. A stop watch is NOT provided, but is recommended in the instructions. I went out on a limb and counted to five.

After five seconds shut off the shower. If the water level is above the red line you are using, what I guess they consider to be, too much water.

But never mind where the level is because now is the time for step two, to screw Mr. Reducer in place.

Once he’s screwed in there, happy, you repeat step one, which is now called step three, to spot the difference in flow amount. Now this is a great tip worth writing down in case you fit one of these doodads yourself. To make sure the difference between your step one and step three readings is accurate, and this, unbelievably, isn’t in the instructions, I was left totally on my own to figure this out, I mean, like, totally on my own, you need to EMPTY the bag before step three.

My step one was waaayy over the red line. Step three was waaayyy below the line. Looks like I’m saving close to half the water with Mr. Reducer in place. So that’s okay then. Gotta save some money now!!

Making showering cheaper is great news ‘couse, as warm as it is, I can now spend twice as long under the water! Sorry? Say what? Oh, right...

Quote; Edwin Louis Cole.

“You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.”

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