19 Jun 2010

And Then I Tried To Watch The Footy….

As I’ve said before, I used to enjoy footy but over the years lost all interest as money seemed to take over. I did, however, decide to check it out seeing as it’s the World Cup an’ all.

Well, that was sad; and these guys yearly earnings are what? Oh, come ON. You gotta be kid… HOW MUCH? And the guy in the suite gets WHAT? No, no, no, no. For that kind of money I would expect, nay, insist on them getting the ball in the bag every fifteen minutes. No, please, be serious – how much they be making?

Watching what I did of that game, even minimum wage would seem a tad generous.

But, let’s be fair, they did manage to rigidly adhere to the footy spitty bitty and that petulant, sulky, ‘I don’t CARE, so THERE!’ look. The look they seem convinced is the ruffy-tuffy footy star look. The look which results in the kind of face you would never, ever get tired of hitting.

Quote; Kevin Keegan.

“We deserved to win this game after hammering them 0-0 in the first half.”

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