6 May 2010

And Then There Should Be A Night Out….

Friday evening; you’ll either be on a high or feeling a tad down. What ever, let’s get down to this place and un-wind. Remember this place? Remember? You used to meet all your buds here. It was always heaving. An oasis of interesting chatter and laughter in a gray world, with an atmosphere, comprising only of smoke and alcohol, you could cut with a knife.

Remember it? What happened there? How did we let that get away from us? Whatever happened to all the fun in the world?

Anyhoo, this little singy thingy, to me, brings back memories of all the fun places that used to be on just about every street corner. Not the posh pubs, the ones frequented by the mohair and afghan hound set. Remember those? They used to put tab-nabs and nibbles on the bar in little bowls. Remember? After a few, who hasn't confused the nibble bowl with the ash tray. And, sadly, visa versa.

Click, close your eyes, enjoy and remember the fun of before and before……

Quote; ??

Irish Coffee is the perfect breakfast because it contains all four adult food groups: fat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

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