16 Feb 2007

And Then There Was Feedback...............

Below is a comment that was posted by Wayne S. but he managed to post it in the wrong place and I have no idea how to change it so will post it here. Also it's worth a place of it's own it being the first 'comment' on this blog an' all; thank you Wayne. It was amazing I missed this most popular, but infuriating, of all in flight games. But to be fair I was talking of flights with 9 or less passengers. To detail the full/over booked flight games compendium could quite possibly swamp the web.

And don't ever forget the lead up to 'Skip to the Loo'; that well loved 'Red Wine on White Jeans' phase as the preliminary jostling for pole position takes place.

Anyhoo, on to Wayne's comment....................

The hide and seek blog must be a little dated as I know for a fact that Qantas have been playing "skip to the loo" my darling since 1998. That was well before the sun began setting in the East.

The game starts almost simultaneously with lunch (cannot vouch for morning and evening flights across the Tasman).
Having written this blog I find that it will be posted under the wrong thread.......sorry.

Dissimilar to the "cross channel" flights there are ALWAYS full planes to Australia due to a default in the Australian Governments generous unemployment benefits. However there are also similar numbers traveling in the reciprocal direction due to tough parole conditions in the West Island. You will likely as not see many fallen sheep shearers on these flights.

Deportation orders stipulate that parolees are forbidden in partaking in "skip to the loo" on short haul flights as the need for ablutions is deemed not as demanding as in say longer transit times, hence most escapes are made at the destination airport and New Zealand is well infiltrated with absconders.

I have fortunately and otherwise avoided quite successfully since 1998 flying Qantas as Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Garuda and lately budget airlines give the better option of flying without the enduring pastime of "skip to the loo".
I am unable to comment on pre 1998 as my travel opportunities were somewhat limited, therefore I'm unaware of other similar "in flight" entertainment.

This intrepid traveller has flown on some 40 different airlines and feels justified in submitting this blog to challenge others in their own experiences a mile or so high.

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