24 Jun 2024

And Then It’s Obvious…

   Further to last nights post regards net zero verses growth, later in the evening it became obvious to me where the growth will come from as we{?} scamper towards net zero.
   So we’re saving the planet thus lekky will become intermittent and rationed so the demand for candles will obviously boom resulting in a boom in candle manufactures. Don’t forget we’ll be confined to our fifteen minute cities and towns thus requiring candles to be made and have retail outlets of huge numbers, right?
   And that’s where you’ll work. Walk to work, come Friday get your wage credited to your government debit card*, go buy your stock of candles and possibly grab a bag of buns - sorry, bugs to chew as you walk home looking forward to an evening watching T... oh right, okay, watching your candles flickering where the TV and your Tap-top used to be.
   Try to buy a big bundle of candles as you’re contemplating catching the neighbours cat and candle cooking it and your purchase will be declined. Why? Well, we’ll be *cashless by then and your government debit card will detect you’re trying to get more candles than your weekly allowance. Re-education possibly beckons... And no more bags of bugs this weekend, okay?
   Not long after this we can expect a boom in the construction market as more and more mud huts need gluing together as more and more folk rush to just abandon their credit consuming three bed burden for more affordable accommodation. The first to the new market will, of course, have already grabbed the local cosy caves.
   Strangely, the climate is still subject to fluctuations. Could it really, really all be down to the natural warming and cooling cycles of that big yellow, burning bright thingy wot’s close to us? Of course not; so says the ‘science’...

Quote; Groucho Marx.

“I worked my way up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.”

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