23 May 2024

And Then A Sigh…

   ...of relief from the MSM as a general selection for who will front the Uni Party is announced thus securing something for them to fill broadcast time with as opposed to multiple endless repeats.
   So far those up there are acting true to form and promising, upon being selected to front the control of us down here, to be harder, better, faster, stronger on all things and - unmentioned - any and all unintended adverse consequences to effect only us down here.
   Whoa, you know wot? harder, better, faster, stronger. I bet that’ll ring a daft bell for those of an age;

   That was for them up there this next track is for wot they think of us down here wot they’re talking{?} to...

   Wot the hay, forget it all and all join in with Betty Boop;

Quote; Mark Twain.

“If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

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