29 May 2024

And Then Bu-by Copper…

   That would be the well proven copper phone land line. Yup our provider has switched to phone over fibre.
Last Monday I received by mail - am I allowed to use that term? - instructions and an adapter. I was instructed to plug the adapter into the ONT box, leave said ONT active overnight on Thursday. ONT? Seems that’s short for Optical Network Terminal
. Then after six AM on Friday unplug the phone from the copper line and plug him into the fibre adapter.
   So far so clear, however, the ONT box is mounted on the wall at the back of a bottom bookshelf and entailed this old fellow getting on his knees. No big problem but let’s not type of the getting back up bit.
   Anyhoo, I discovered this box has a row of lights along the top and the actual connection ports are hidden along the bottom. Happily the lights are named in minute print and amongst the off lights I did indeed find a light, right of centre, marked Tel 1. I traced my finger down and on the bottom did indeed find a port.
Thus the adapter was finally fumbled and fiddled into that port.
   Come Friday, I noted the Tel 1 light was all lit-up so made a call. Nothing. Call with mobile? Nothing. Wot to do. Wot I done did, back on knees, was wrestle the ONT off the wall and noted all ports on the bottom were named and guess wot, Tel 1 port was the first port hard left. Yup none of the ports on the bottom correspond to the position of the indicator lights above. How cool is that then eh?
   Moved adapter, gave it a minute, tried phone out and in. Success, with many thanks to the wondrous whizzy kiddy designers for testing my fragile mental fibre. And my knees...
   Out with a bit o' Booty Swing...

Quote; Douglas Adams.

 “We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”

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