15 Feb 2024

And Then An Appointment…

   Well, so, last Friday I was at the doctors for a review of my latest blood check. The doctor, new to me, was a very attractive young lady. Anyhoo, all proved satisfactory with no change to my meds but, to ensure that potassium level was staying where it belonged, she would book another blood check in two or so weeks time.
   That was last Friday and by today I’d had no notification of a further appointment so went round to wot they call the Health Hub to enquire as to wot was to be.
   The reception area comprises a long counter staffed by three ladies glued to computers.
   My turn came and I was talking to another attractive lady. I stated my name, numbers and my question while she tapped away at her computer. I completed my question by giving the doctors name and qualified this by stating I hoped I’d pronounced the name correctly. The lady stated I’d got it right and to confirm this, looking up at me said, ‘Very slim and pretty.’ To which I replied, ‘Yes I know I am, but how very kind of you to say so.’ Which was received by much mirth by all within earshot...
   All resolved and I left, leaving behind a receptionist and phew folk a tad happier than before.
   Not quite on the same level
as the DIY visit many years ago but still a happy addition to happy daze.

Quote; Willie Nelson.

“My doctor tells me I should start slowing it down - but there are more old drunks than there are old doctors so let's all have another round.”


Andy5759 said...

It gives great joy to leave a smile behind me whether at the supermarket checkout or behind the bar. It costs nothing and gains much.

Mac said...

So true. I'm sure you've done it but the one that always gets a happy smile is when passing someone walking their dog and you bid a hearty 'good morning' and when the dog walker returns the greeting I point at the dog and say, "I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to him."

Timbotoo said...

A little late to the party but I also have an appropriate anecdote about the time I traveled from France to Blighty on my Honda Goldwing through the Chunnel. At passport control the young lady remarked that the pillion seat looked very comfy. I sighed and remarked that the bike was a Chick Magnet. She dissolved in laughter to the extent that her supervisor had to come over. Good times.

Mac said...

Nice one. There's so many chances to raise a smile in these miserable daze.
Another nice one I use - me being of an age - is when at a check-out and the assistant looks up from the till and says wot's due. If it's a fun number, say 19.56 I'll reply, "Whoa, my birth year." and as the laughter breaks, put on my stern face and enquire, "Wot are you laughing at?" resulting in yet more laughter.