8 Jun 2023

And Then A Sighting...

A wonderous moment whilst walking in the garden yesterday morning as I glanced upwards and southwards to see a solo goose coming my way.
   I’ve mentioned geese before and their ‘V’ flying formation and the time two flew over loudly arguing as to how two can best form a ‘V’. Who’s the leader? I can only assume it’s the fellow wot knows where their going...
   Anyhoo, here comes a goose all on his own, no others in sight, and as it got closer I could hear it muttering to itself. Then I spotted two crows to my right flapping about spying on gardens.
   Now this is when it got a tad strange. The crows spotted the goose, swooped over and took up position, in close proximity to the goose, to left and right rear. At this the goose stopped muttering and all three continued on flight in a satisfactory ‘V’ formation, goose to the fore.
   Nature helping nature, eh? Or the crows hoping for one of they goofy goose swoops into traffic and an early lunch. Lovely sight either way.
   In other ‘news’ I see one and all are getting themselves into a right old frensy regards that AI thingy. Why? artificial intelligence has been with us for decades with remarkable recent ‘advances’.   
   Say wot now? Hay, just look at the state of  everything, everywhere, all the time. You think all you see, read and hear has come about due to those that would rule over us using their natural, rational human intelligence? You have to be kidding. ‘They’ want us to believe they’re really smart but their pretence at being smart is all so obviously an artificial act...


“When fake news meets artificial intelligence, the risk is robots will lie, leaving us with fake intelligence and artificial news, or exactly where we are now.”

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