30 May 2023

And Then Yet More...

   With thanks to Ripper, here’s the Rommy Tobinson video mentioned earlier. It be a link as the Share button doesn’t want to work for me.
This next bit ‘works’ on many levels; on the co-co scam level of course and regards the top video, well, we’ll have to wait, breath not held, for our seekers of truth in our media to cover that.
   I can only guess that the little girl wot’s the BBC fact checker is frantically finding ways to poke holes in it. Or ignore it all together. QUICK, EVERYONE, LOOK OVER HERE, a TV squirrel wot’s been naughty!! We think...

Quote; Antonella Gambotto-Burke.

“We have reached a point in history where intellectual incapacitation feels like wholeness, and where forgetting trumps remembering.”

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