4 Dec 2022

And Then A Pointless Tip...

   A pointless tip as it’s easy to figure out in these times of strikes and, primarily, should you need to get to a hospital with the present state of the vanbulance ‘service’ and media horror stories relating to said ‘service’. If you feely it wouldn’t work, below is how it worked out for me. Please note, situations may differ...
   Anyhoo, here it be and I’m relating to my tick-a-tack of March 2019.
   I’d been feeling down for a couple of days owing to it becoming ever harder to get air into my lungs. Finally, of a Sunday morning I found a walk-in surgery, was prescribed pills with the advice that, come evening with no improvement, I should get my ass down to A & E. Evening dually arrived with no improvement so I readied myself for a trip to hospital.
   How to get there? I’d convinced my little nest of vipers not to come along so drive? No problem but for sure parking would take a week. Call a vanbulance? I’m not immobile so I called a taxi stating my destination and explaining for what.
   Five minutes and the cab was here. I told the driver, not English born, where I wanted to go and why. Guess wot? He flipped on his hazard lights and took off And I mean took off – a true fast black.
   We arrived, he told me to go in that door, turn right and A & E was straight in front. He further asked if I needed help getting there. I said I thought I’d be okay, thanked him for his kind offer, tipped him generously and went in.
   The rest, as they say, is history. Checked blood pressure, told me they’d be keeping me in and I was loaded into a wheelchair to be taken to the emergency ward.
   Climbing into the wheelchair was my last memory before, waking in a bed, much later, covered in sensors with my little nest of vipers sitting by the bed. Wot happened in between, I have no idea. However, I still see the taxi and its driver as, quite possibly, my initial saviour.
   All that reminded me of wot’s probably the first fun thingy I ever ran into online close to the birth of the Wibbly Wobbly Web.
Timidadians Caution: Jolly naughty words used.
Caution Two: The above ride relates to me and should NOT be taken as instructions, okay?

Quote;  Mickey Mantle.

“If I knew I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”

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