25 Nov 2022

And Then Another Number...

   And it’s a big one. A tad over another half a million newest bestest friends rolled up in the past year? Let’s remember this is a ‘conservative’ total.
   Then we have our pals languishing in four star hotels all over the country. Just a thought; where do those hotel dwellers go if their request for asylum is granted? Where do they go to live and wot benefits do they get? Page down to Claiming Benefits. Hell, it’s only our tax money eh?
   At the risk of repeating myself – it’s a habit – when we relocated to the UK, to be close to the NHS, blessed be its name, and good programs on the telly – our mistake - it took two years to get a leave to remain visa for my little nest of vipers.
   Why? She had to prove her ability to speak and understand English. Just an interview? No, a certificate from an adult education college. Just an interview there then? No, a years course and an exam. Spookily, along with her, if memory serves, there were only another two in her class who had to pay, and pay a bunch, for the course. Guess wot? Only three failed  the exam and that needed another years course at further great expense. How weird is that then?
   Finally, at great cost all round, she got her leave to remain visa. Guess wot again? No recourse to public funds thus no benefits of any kind and not even a percentage of my pension when I’m gone. Man, how we wish she’d come over by dinghy.

Quote;  Daniel Tosh.

“Spelling is difficult because there are too many rules. Silent letters only exist to make it harder for illegal immigrants to learn English.”

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