6 Jul 2022

And Then, Choice Of Words...

   It may have escaped your notice but, over the past many days or so, there’s been a big brouhaha about some MP wot got drunk and allegedly grabbed and groped some fellows inappropriately. These gropees later reported said bad behaviour. This, of course, could all have been avoided if, rather than whining about it later, one of said gropees had just turned round and punched the gropers lights out.
   Anyhoo, this seems to be bringing Mr Bojangles a tad of bother with MPs and others, resigning all over the place regards wot he said he didn’t know verses wot he actually did know about the bad boy wot he actually promoted.
   Regards this, the TV ‘news’ channels have all been lit up for the past twenty four hours with, I’m sure, many hours yet to follow and the bit that stuck with me was some BBC political ‘reporter’, standing outside the Houses of Parliament this morning and remarking that there were many MPs hanging around outside so he was, in his words, going to try and grab a few... A somewhat unfortunate or intentional? choice of words given wot kicked off all the fuss eh?

Quote;  Robert Solow.

“There is not some glorious theoretical synthesis of capitalism that you can write down in a book and follow. You have to grope your way.”


Doonhamer said...

The eedjits ruin the UK economy, preside over an NHS not-fit-for-purpose, a pathetic Police industry, sky rocketing energy prices, runaway illegal immigration, a world class Defence with armoured vehicles that shake the teeth from occupants skulls and £100 million aircraft that fall off the bows of useless aircraft carriers, - I could go on.
And what does for BoJo is a groper.
Oh yes all these resigners have principles.
And as Groucho said, if you do not like these principles, they have others.

Mac said...

So true and one has to wonder where all the money for all those failures comes from. Oh, wait a minute...