23 Jun 2022

And Then, Traffic...

   That is it then; the nights are drawing in and before we can say Merry Christmas, we’ll be shopping for Easter eggs.  
   Anyhoo, yesterday we drove into town and although petrol and diesel prices are a tad high and the ‘news’ is repeatedly telling me folk are at their tethers end regards paying for it, the roads were jam-packed. And this was way after rush hour. Never mind, bad news is better than no news I guess.
   Well, so, to keep up the fright-fest, let’s have a breakout of polipox. That’ll scare ‘em.
   Sort of related to co-co, you see the news today regards that swimming lady fainting and having to be pulled from the pool by her coach? It’d be interesting to know her experimental chemi cocktail status. I think we can guess as, in a statement, it was stated that fainting amongst athletes involved in strenuous sports is quite common...
   How well we all remember all the sports men and women falling over willy-nilly and being constantly reported upon prior to the cure all puncture, right?
   Good to see our Prime minister and her husband are in Rwanda for ‘meetings’. I’m guessing one of the top topics for informed, honest discussion will be the climate ‘emergency’ and with that in mind, how heart warming it was to see they travelled by dingy and shanks' pony. Pardon? Oh.
   Hay, Rwanda, you want to keep ‘em? Say wot now? They’re not a hundred percent in their swedes so you’re returning ‘em? Oh well...

Quote;  Vincent D'Onofrio.

“The search for the truth is not for the faint hearted.”


A K Haart said...

Maybe monkeypox has been such a disappointment that Boris went to Rwanda to see if they know of anything more scary. Something obscure which could be given another name such as Deathpox-13.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
Didn't Boris go down with co-co early on?
As you suggest, and for greater fanfare, he may ask to be infected with some really scarily named thingy before flying home. See? We need to lockdown and cancel all holidays = all flights. How green is your pox?

James Higham said...

Rwandan airport staff go on strike?

Mac said...

Now wouldn't that be a cake smothered in icing.
With co-co on the rise here, he's safer where he is... and so are we.