28 Jun 2022

And Then They Stop...

   I noted today that one of our universities, that would be an an English university, is going to drop their English Literature degree course.
   Wot’s that all about then? The reason given is the lack of jobs requiring that degree upon graduation.
   Or could it be they see, term by term, the demographic change in their stoodent intake as the country, day by day, greets ever more of our newest bestest ever friends and thus the English intake slowly, slowly edges towards minority status?
   Anyhoo, It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that a modern day university degree exam in English Lit. is just a tad easier to pass than an English Lit. GCE ‘O’ level at age fifteen was way back in the day.
   You’d think, would you not, that our Ministry of Education would be jumping up and down with threats of cutting funding if they cut their curriculum an’ such. Let me think; who’s the Minister of Education again? Oh right, I remember, that would be Nadhim Zahawi. ‘Nuff said...
   With every passing day, this blue do we’re suffering gets to be an ever darker hue of blue do it not.
Addendumadodad: Just ran into another wonderous education item.  In warm weather boys can wear skirts but not shorts. Ah shacks ma heed.

Quote;  ??

“What happens in an exam: Tik-tock, mind block, pen stop, eye pop, full shock, jaw drop, time up, no luck.”


Anonymous said...

I've been unlucky enough to employ two English Lit graduates. One admitted to me that he only work three days per week to gain his degree. As I did mechanical engineering and worked five days per week - with horrendous finals (eg two three-hour maths exams in a single day), I was probably less than sympathetic. Needles to say, after his revelations, I was a bit of a slave driver!

Yet Another Chris

Mac said...

Anonymous Chris,
Six hours of maths? Oh, the joy...
It would seem a lot of university courses are surplus to requirement and could be covered by an hour a week at school for those interested.
Reminds me of a quote by a guy at work, many a long years ago regards a new, young Assistant Rig Manager; he’s so cleaver, he could tell you the cubic capacity of a jar of pickles at a glance but has no idea how to get the lid off.

Woodsy42 said...

Maybe after cancelling all the western authors because of their white priveledge there is not enough left to make a course with?

Mac said...

Well, they’ve torn down statues and even renamed ‘offensively’ named streets so It'll become a pointless course as book burning can’t be far away can it?