4 Dec 2021

And Then, Clap Harder...

  Earlier today, while perusing the comments wot nobody reads, at Going Postal, this one registered as it’s just about the time I start getting bombarded with messages from the GP regards making an appointment to get blood tests.
   Receiving the messages is cool but actually making an appointment usually takes two to three days plus so in one regard this could be, for me, good news. However, for many it could well be a death sentence.
   Thanks to Twinkle8, you little star, for posting the bones of the piece and usual grovelling apologies for shamelessly copying and pasting. Oh, I now see it’s being ‘reported’ by TV news channels as well. Reported in a way to highlight the total  importance of the, like, awesome jibby-jabby over all else.
   DT: "GPs told to drop routine over-75s health checks to speed up Covid booster rollout.
   Deal with unions means doctors will continue to be paid for such duties regardless, as well as getting bonuses for giving vaccines."
   It's unclear who has given the instruction although it's against the backdrop of Bojangles calling for the acceleration of the boosters and SAGE saying it will be another five years "before Covid-19 settles into a predictable endemic state".
   GPs are "allowed to stop" carrying out annual health checks of the over-75s assessing physical health, mobility and memory, along with monitoring of millions of people with health conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease. In other words, they don't have to - so will they?
   "Minor surgery can also be stopped, but will still be funded, as long as GPs spend the time they would have spent on the procedures administering vaccines, according to the new rules."
   GPs will still be paid for such work with “income protected”, so they are rewarded based on the “historical” workload they had previously achieved on these fronts. "Those who take part in the booster rollout will receive £15 per jab, with rates of £20 on Sundays and weekends, and £30 for home visits."
   The NHS is doubling down on its disastrous policy to stop treating anything other than Covid-19, which has caused so many "excess deaths". And we're paying for it. Carry on clapping.

   Over at the same place I spotted this wot, to me, if true, is great news and over-long in coming. Hopefully, that should put that nice lady wot’s running the show down there back in her box and make others stop and think. I’ll believe it when it’s all over the BBC...
   As time goes quickly by and ever more ‘news’ comes out regards this plan-demic, the more obvious it becomes that, way back, the only foretellers of the direction of travel wot got it about right were those branded as conspiracy nutters.
   Anyhoo, hold the line y’all, slowly, slowly it’ll all eventually unravel.

Quote;  Kurt Seapoint.

“Regarding conspiracy theorists: So many people calling out others for being 'conspiracy theorists' serves to prove that very point: there is a conspiracy.”


Ripper said...

Good tune but personally I prefer Tom Petty's version. Here's some more of the same inspiration that you may not have heard yet.






See you at the camp. Meanwhile, don't drop the soap..

Mac said...

Thanks for the links, I'll check them out.
I don't think soap will be on offer in the camps they have in mind.
We'll be lucky to get a bowl of soup a day.