18 Jun 2021

And Then, Younger We Go...

   Even the most dedicated believers must surely... Sorry? Don’t ever call you Shirley? Man, the jokes on here get ever older, as indeed do I. Anyhoo, they must surely see how this pandemyshammy is continually rolling out, right?     
   Protect the elderly, the young aren’t adversely effected at all. Lo and behold, here’s the Delta Belter and as sure as the sun comes up, the young are super catchers and transmitters who can kill with a glance so come on you kids, get that bloody puncture right now. Or left now if you’d prefer a hole in your left arm.
   Let’s not forget the elderly in care homes; Jab ‘em and all will be well. Whoa! Puncture those those younger folk wot take care of ‘em, because... No jab? No job. In a shell wot used to be home a nut, these chemi cocktails obviously don’t do nothing but it’s obvious they’re desperate, for reasons not yet fully understood{?}, to get it pumped into everyone. Think before you blink.
   Good comment I ran into early today regards wot that  Right Horrible Matt Hancock said regards no chemi cocktail, no access to health care;
Mizake The Mizan
”What sort of person could ban access to effective treatments for a virus and then say they don’t owe a duty of care to people who choose not to be vaccinated against it?”
Below is a fine clip provided by Rick. He originally found it on that Not-For-You-Anymore-Tube, copied the link into a comment, tested the link and it’d gone. Isn’t it all getting very sadly controlling. Not to be beaten by those that wish to beat us, he found it on another platform so, below, here it is. Enjoy; if that’s the right word...


Quote;  Jim Morrison.

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”

            Eleanor Brown.

“But Rose learned an important lesson; people don't always do what you tell them to do.”

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