12 Jun 2021

And Then, No Offence...

   Well, so, I guess even those out there wot are, like me, dumber ‘un a rock can see the direction of travel of co-co now, right? Puncture the old and vulnerable and we’ll be cool. Wait! Here comes Delta Force! Quick, puncture the younger folk. Oh, look, kids are catching Delta Force and need puncturing and it looks like they’re catching it from those filthy un-dead elderly decliners. It’s also looking like lock-down will need to be extended because of those filthy un-dead elderly puncture decliners spreading their filth all over the place.
   How does it go again kids? “First they came for the elderly...”
   Anyhoo, let’s give all that no never mind and lighten the mood for the weekend with something I tripped over yesterday. This number works so well in these times when so many folk are taking offence so often over so little.    
   In the main, going on recent events around the globe, it would seem taking offence is mainly favoured by folk of colour but trust me, if you pay attention to the lyrics to that wot’s below, you may wake-up to the fact that you’re not alone in the ‘take offence’ game. Everyone can play – should they wish...
   So I don’t give one jot wot country you’re from, wot colour you are, wot shape your eyes are, wot your preferred pronoun is, just listen and you’ll probably find you’re offensively{?} mentioned. 
  Say wot now? You did wot? You played it more than once? Whoa, how much offence can you take eh? Man, I smiled out loud when I first played this. No offence meant, but I’m still smiling; as indeed is my slanty eyed,  curry-muncher, little nest o’ vipers along the sofa...
I don't mean to be offensive,      
I'm just pissed that the words exist,
please don't get defensive,       
it would just be great if,       
there were no more hatred.


Quote;  Mark Twain.

“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”


Ripper said...

That tune lends itself to such fun, does it not? Weird Al Yankovich, same tune, on pet names for genitalia.


Surprised to find there are 292 pet names for the male organ (would that make it 293?)


And 99 pet names for the female version (to the tune of 99 red balloons), although he did leave out the most popular British one (My synonym for Matt Hancock).


Mac said...

Thanks for the links. I hadn't seen any of those before which leads me to believe I've led a vary sheltered YouTube life...

Mac said...

You may have seen this as I believe you've mentioned this guy before, but this is a good track
Fake Woke;


Doonhamer said...

Very very fit footballer very very ill with heart problem 12 days after having very very safe experimental chemical inserted.
Nothing to see here.

Mac said...

Looking at comments it was stated in Twatters that he had indeed had the Jab end of May. All now all apparently deleted and certain media denying he'd had it. Sadly, I believe the truth is out.
As they entice the ever younger to get punctured, it's good to see our media all making their viewers aware of this fact and all the other adverse effects possible before these kids say me, me, me. Oh, wait a minute...