7 May 2021

And Then, Wot The hay...

   ...is this? Found by following a link over in the comments at Going Postal. Seems it’s by that fellow Pikotaro and I’m sure you’re all familiar with his work... Wot’s that all about then? Seems it’s had a rather moderate 387,008,792 views. Wot can I say? Is that 387,008,792 utter nutters other than me then? Warning: Play ONLY ONCE or a worm may well nest in your ear tonight.
   At least it’s a break from sad BBC faces sobbing about some elections or other I guess.


Quote;  Jean Paul.

“Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.”


Ripper said...

They break the moulds of music.. Like this guy, totally his own lyrics..


Or, a guy with Tourettes tries kareoke (carries a timidian warning for dirty words)..


Have you seen the comedian Jack Kirwan? He's fairly new on the scene but has this hilarious character called Gary Powndland (timidian warning again). This is Jack telling the story of how Gary came about..


And this is Gary, ranting about the 1% nurses pay rise..


Mac said...

Yup, something for everyone out there.
regards Apple Pen, I found myself crawling out of bed at the crack of this AM to listen to that base line; right after the words PPAP. I do believe that could be my new ring tone...