8 May 2021

And Then It Rings...

   After replying to Ripper regards last nights musical extravaganza, I thought why not? So downloaded that tune in MP3, chopped the beginning bit – the bit right after the first mention of PPAP – fired it over to the phone, found it and added it to Ringtones. Much to my surprise, it worked.  Sad? Okay, come on, hands-up who played PPAP more than once then? I know, I can see y’all.  Incredibly, annoyingly catchy ain’t it?
   Nothing else to report today and by-the-by, I didn’t manage to get myself elected to any office. Shame really as I’d be useless. Happily, I’m sure those wot got elected will be equally useless so nothing lost.
   Another tad more conventional bit o’ music for Saturday. Take care y’all.


Quote;  Pat Conroy.

“Without music, life is a journey through a desert.”

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