3 May 2021

And Then, It Kicks Off...

   And that would be footy related of course and the media loved that for a day and a bit even at the expense of co-co losing top billing for a bit. Wot amazed me was the fact that when a bunch of the protesters got on the pitch they didn’t instantly do that taking the knee thingy.
   Can you imagine the editorial meeting at the BBC as they debated how best to present the incident? We’ll never know how close they were to headlining their ‘reporting’ of the goings on as, ‘Extreme far right football hooligans go on violent, non Covid compliance pitch rampage’ but I’m betting it was a damn close run thing.
   I also saw somewhere, not that I needed telling, that that was the coldest April for quite some time. However, the media seem to be giving that no never mind and just keep telling me it was a scarily dry April owing to something or other. Can’t have been global warming, right?

Quote;  Rob Atkinson.

"I'm going to make a predictionit could go either way."

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