5 May 2021

And Then, I Give A Bit Back...

   Yesterday we had yet another call from the NHS, blessed be its name. This time for my little nest of vipers. Switch to speaker phone – if that’s wot you call it – and we talked away together but this time, having had my five minutes of fame a week or so ago, I was ready so the conversation went along these lines:
”Good morning, this is the NHS, blessed be our name.” Started the Indian sounding lady, “Could I speak to your little nest of vipers please.”
”Certainly you may, and this would be in regards to wot may I ask?”
”It’s regarding getting vaccinated against co-co as we see she’s declined being punctured recently.”
”Very well.” Said I, and this is me giving a bit back, “But first can we, for security reasons, please have your date of birth and the first line of the address and post code of the premises from which you’re calling?” 
“Wha... But... Er... No, no I’m sorry, I can’t give out that personal and private information.” replied a rattled sounding NHS lady.
”Very well. Noted. Now, wot would you like to ask us?” I enquired.
   After a shortish conversation during which we stating the number of times we’d both already declined the jabba-dabba-do, and why, it was time to bid farewell. And it was pay back time as the NHS lady concluded as follows;
”Thank you both for your time and to conclude, for security reasons, could I have your little nest of vipers date of birth and the first line of her address and post code please.” And I do believe you’ll already know how I replied, right?
“Wha... But... Er... No, no I’m sorry, we can’t give out that personal and private information. Bu-by.” I replied. At that, without further comment, the NHS ladies phone went click  right quick. Message sent and received; job done.
   The kicker, and wot’s even more satisfying, is that, at the beginning of the call, we were told calls may be recorded for training purposes. You little beauty! Ain't it sad wot makes you glad in old age? 
   In other ‘news’ I see Mr and Mrs Billy Ten have run into one of their blank blue screen jobbies...

Quote;  ??

“When a telemarketer calls, give the phone to the nearest child and tell them it's Santa on the phone.”


Doonhamer said...

Very well done.
Was she not?
Yes, in these dour times we must me thankful for little pleasures, and grab them when you can.
And I am not a robot. Hooray.

Mac said...

Thank you. I've found that 'fighting back' always works best when presented with humour.
Seems they have no answer to it and get lost in meaningless, flustered chatter.
I also will not be reduced to the 'life' of a robot.