13 May 2021

And Then, Another Casualty...

   Spookily, right after yesterdays post, I caught an item on the early ‘news’ regards St Paul’s Cathedral. Guess wot? According to the BBC; 
St Paul's Cathedral may have to close permanently if more regular funding is not found, bosses have warned.”
Bosses have warned? Who the hay are the BBC talking to? Whoa, here comes that asteroid... 
   May have to close the doors owing to lack of funds? That would be the C of E who, I do believe, are the biggest land owners in the country? Hello?
   You hear the sound? Is that the sound of yet another charity being saddled-up? ‘Just ten pounds a month would help...’ Alternatively, they could arm all those choir boys with mops and buckets for two or four hours a week. Another option, rather than just leaving the place locked up and unused, could be to hand it over to our newest bestest ever friends. I believe the demographics down the smoke, if that option was used, could see the place packed to the rafters regularly...   


Quote;  Wally Lamb.

“If you want your prayers answered, get up off your knees and do something about them.”

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