26 Jun 2017

And Then, Danger...

I’m sure if you’re of an age you’ll be feeling a bit bemused by the kneejerk reaction to the towering inferno - as tragic as it was – and the revelation that all the cladding they’ve tested to date is not fire retardant in the true sense of the word so councils, upon receiving this information, started evacuating the towers.

Would you not think that grownups would’ve taken a slightly less panicky approach and just got a team together and gone round knocking on every door, told the occupants of the test results and asked them to be extra vigilant until the naughty cladding had been stripped out? Oh, and when its all gone, keep on being vigilant; fire hurts.

Inform them that the cladding will be stripped over a period of time and, also over a period of time, third party inspectors will be visiting all apartments to inspect ALL electrical appliances. Any found defective, or the slightest bit iffy, will be instantly turfed out and if the occupier purchases a new item... Pardon? No, you buy it yourself - it will be the occupiers duty to inform the authorities so a similarly rigorous inspection can be conducted before it’s plugged in.

Any apartment found to have a barbeque in the bedroom, the occupants will be instructed to pack their kit, or whatever word fits with that, and move on immediately.

Fire Wardens would also be on site 24/7 during the work period and a permanent concierge will also be instated. All apartments will be provided with a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher. Instructions on usage will be given to those so requesting.

Put a simple slider board outside the main entrance and the last person to leave an apartment for work, or off to the benefits office, simply slides that apartment number marker from ‘Occupied’ to ‘Unoccupied’. Okay, make it simple, from ‘In’ to ‘Out’. First back reverses the marker.

Any tenants who still feel they’d rather move out while the work is done are obviously free to do so. Their choice so their expense of course.

Why not? Up to not all that long ago, we lived in wooden huts with open fires so what’s the big deal? I really don’t see no big deal at all. Sadly, you then only have to look at the make-up of that ghastly Glastonbury crowd and their beatification of an old Marxist whose life experience has been the hazardous task of sitting on a bench at the back of a big room in a big building and banking the bung and a lot falls into place.

Then, to confirm the ‘falling into place’ and add to my thought that there’s no hope for our future, I bumped into this sadness. Have you seen this? You’ll find it here as well. And doctors are actually advocating avocado safety warnings? Hello? Any grownups left out there?

Millions of years of evolution behind us and this is where we are? To pinch a perfect word from a comment somewhere on a different subject, it seems we’re rapidly descending into a time of eternal toddlerdom.

Quote;  Munia Khan.

“There’s an infant part in our souls which longs for the lullaby truths of life every night for a tranquil slumber.”

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