24 May 2016

And Then Tech Talk...

Over at Head Rambles the other day there was a post regarding those times we have to listen to experts in their fields explaining various technicalities relating to the kit, or whatever, they’re talking about. I usually just concentrate on the bluebird fluttering round in the clear blue sky of my mind and leave ‘em to it.

This reminded me of one of my favourite TubeYou videos from many years ago. I’m quietly confident you’ve seen it before as it’s probably been featured on every Blog since the very first Blog went up on Blog opening day.

It still makes me smile out loud. Take a break from wanting to break your TV every time you see or hear hat nice Mr Cummerbund,  or any of his pals, and enjoy the next couple of minutes.


Quote;  John Brunner.

“It's supposed to be automatic, but actually you have to push this button.”

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