29 Oct 2012

And Then An Irritant….

It being good an’ cold where I be, I’ve been sat sitting in front of the TV.  Actually, slightly off to one side.  While watching I was reminded of a few things that are shown that, grumpy old man wot I am, really irritate me.  I won’t mention all things TV that irritate me, just a few as I believe Blogger restricts you to twenty thousand words per post.
Here we go then;

Women with long hair who repeatedly move it behind their ears from where it flops out over their faces again and has to be moved back behind their ears.  This can go on ad nauseam.  For heavens sake, cut it or get an elastic band already!

Any use, in any movie, of luggage.  This luggage is so obviously empty it really detracts from the scene.  It does for me as once I’d picked up {pun} on that, then any scene with luggage is spent watching the luggage swing about under finger tip grip.

Players who, complete with empty luggage, can walk straight into a strange rail station or airport and go directly to the correct platform or check-in desk without any need to get their bearings.  They neither look left nor right and never, ever need to check departure boards.  Brilliant!

The classic?  This one drives me nuts.  People in cars supposedly barrelling down the highway and the driver has absolutely no need to look out the windscreen but just looks at the passenger he/she’s talking to.  Come on.  Let’s have a dod of realism.  Let’s have the driver occasionally look front and say, “Whoa!!  Where did he come from?”  Or, even better, the passenger saying, through gritted teeth,  “You wanna look out the front?  Or just pull over an’ I’ll get out.  Either’s good for me.”

See?  Just a grumpy old man.

Quote;  Erma Bombeck.

“In general my children refuse to eat anything that hasn't danced on television.”


Woodsy42 said...

"no need to look out the windscreen but just looks at the passenger he/she’s talking to"

Actually plenty of people drive like that, often they are the ones doing 55 in the middle lane of the motorway.

Mac said...

Ain't that the truth! It's not me, honest, as I'm rapidly reaching the age when I can't talk at all and drive!! Even chewing bubble gum while walking can pose problems.