29 Jul 2021

And Then, The End...

   You see that slowly, slowly, now they know that we are relatively easy to control, the ‘news’ channels are moving up the climate scare? Every channel is repeatedly informing me that this summer has been the hottest, coldest, wettest driest, windiest, calmest since the last hottest, coldest, wettest driest, windiest, calmest summer.
   A BBC fellow then went on to cry about a few things; one being de-forestation. Wot he failed to mention was the fact that a huge number of trees – trees that, by-the-by, breath in CO2 and breath out oxygen wot is wot we breath in – are shredded to chips, shipped half way round the world for us to burn to generate electrickery.
   That would be us, an island sitting on who knows how many years of cubes of natural gas, gas, that when burned, will provide a plentiful supply of tree food thus, if we stopped chipping and burning ‘em, would help green the planet. Funny he’d forget that bit.
   Quick, quick. Move on. The X–Factor’s been cancelled! Oh, the pain.

Quote;  John Ruskin.

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”


Ripper said...

John Ruskin obviously hasn't spent a great deal of time in fog, hail storms, hurricanes or lightning strikes then.

Mac said...

Another subject where a disagreement with the narative is forbiden.
I'm colsing in on 75 and it's still weather. I saw a comment somewhere that went something like this:
The government say it's almost impossible to stop illegals pouring into the country but it's perfectly fiesable to be able to control the heat output of the sun. Do they ever listen to themselves?

Anonymous said...

Here in Northamptonshire, Rose of the Shires you know, apparently, some parts of the county they can't rip forests and green belt quickly enough.
If they arn't building houses (boxes) to cope with those desperate to get out of cities, clearing miles of land to build warehouses to stuff with ever more Chinese made tat, or for more centralised supermarket RDC's.
Every day on Northants roads you see the carcases of mown down deer, poor buggers bewildered and wandering aimlsessly as their habitat is systematically destroyed.

Don't worry too much thouugh, due North of Northampton lies whole swathes of land miraculously untouched by this green progress, sort of mini Cotswolds where decent sticks like the Camerons live, perish the thought those who own the county or even those with royal connections might own some of that land and could possibly have some influence over planning.


Mac said...

All so true and the same where I be. Don't forget those pesky floods. Such a shame they can't dredge the rivers and canals as that's where the lesser spotted two toed newts live. Deer? Foxes? Badgers? Not a problem. Hell, who needs 'em eh? But the newts...
You do know that all we type is being monitored by 'them', right? For sure, you're now on the list. A list to be proud to be on I may add.