11 Jan 2021

And Then, A Surprise...

   On the Saturday wot’s just passed, I had my annual telephone appointment with the Doctor who attended to me while I was in dock after my tick-a-tack. One thing that somewhat surprised{?} me was his response to something I said – I’m not sure wot it was that prompted his reply but it went something like this: “I take it you’re a tad sceptical regards this virus. Don’t worry, an awful lot of us here feel the same way.” So there you go, make of that wot you will.
   Did you catch the BBC news this AM? Did you catch the young lady ‘reporter’ standing outside wot she said is a vaccination hub that opened today? She really should’ve been given a better back-drop as, despite the little girls breathless announcements regards how busy they were already, the view over her shoulder showing a scene comprising three folk milling and chatting outside the entrance didn’t help her comment. She did try though by announcing the carpark was full and folk were having to drive around waiting for a spot to park. 
   Let’s not mention the fact that there probably isn’t a hospital carpark in the country that isn’t full of motors belonging to those wot are on duty in said hospital.   
   It’s all just poorly thought-through propaganda now...

Quote;  Greg Tamblyn.

“I turned up the brightness control on my TV but it didn’t work. The show got even dumber.”

             Andy Borowitz

“Watching cable news because you want to be informed is like going to Olive Garden because you want to live in Italy.”

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