4 Aug 2020

And Then, A Lesson...

We went through to a smallish town this morning to do a little shopping and during this little adventure I learned a lesson that might be of help to some of you regarding muzzles.

Okay, my rebel days, although not entirely over, are limited and I know when it isn’t worth the effort. Such was the case when I entered a store for something I really needed right quick and after a short while was approached by a lady staff member who politely asked me to please wear a muzzle. Yes, I had one in my pocket for such an ‘emergency’ so pulled it out. The lady smiled and moved on.

Not long thereafter, the same lady shop assistant was quickly pulling off my muzzle and helping me to my feet amidst the wreckage of the two display areas I’d demolished during my crash and fall. Once I was upright, the lady gave me some most helpful muzzle instructions and guidance which I’m happy to pass on to any of you new to muzzles:
Place the elastic side bands over your ears then pull the muzzle into place to cover – and this is the important bit – your nose and mouth and NOT, as I’d fitted mine, over your nose and eyes. I thanked the bemused young lady profusely for this muzzle mentoring and beat a retreat from the store...

On a slightly more serious note, this town was quite busy and it was somewhat dispiriting to see the great majority of folk, just walking round the streets, were wearing muzzles. I guess these same folk will do all they can to get to the front of the queue to hand over their saliva for Covid-1984 ‘testing’.

Regarding that swab check that I feel sure will eventually become mandatory one way or another, and I’ve said it before, but I’m betting the chance to take DNA at the same time to add to a database will be too big a temptation to let pass. Unless, of course, that’s been the name of the game from the get-go. Track and trace? DNA? We know where you be and who you be citizen.

Quote;  Nicholas Sparks.

“He often felt that too many people lived their lives acting and pretending wearing masks and losing themselves in the process.”


Ripper said...

Mac - Any fule no that you should never wear a mask over the nose and mouth, especially when ordered to do so. For a start, you don't know where it came from...


And you don't know where its been...


Meanwhile, a world wide debate about them rages on...


Mac said...

Thanks for the links - the last one sums it all up nicely.
As I said, it was kind o' sad to see so many folk, just walking the streets, muzzled-up although it resulted in un-muzzled me and her having lots of room to get about as folk dived out of range of our breathing... it's all a bit of a blue do.

Ripper said...

Mac - I get the impression that the point of the last video went a little over your head. If so, give it another quick play and let me know what you hear.

In the UK the situation has become such a farce, that the only option left is to pour as much fun and ridicule upon it as possible. I wonder how many people are now coming around to this way of thinking after spending months, standing at their front door and clapping like seals into thin air. I'll bet that there are more than a few, who now see things unfolding and are feeling pretty silly.

I've been to Tesco twice, the first time I wore a face nappy under the chin. No mask shaming, nothing. The second time I didn't have one at all, I had planned to tell anyone who challenged me that I have asthma, but nothing.

Mac said...

Not exactly but if I gave that impression, in my defense, I put it down to old age as more and more glides silently over my head. See tonight's post.
Yes, have fun with it. Be sarcastic but tinge it with humor. How about this one. Our supreme leader is nickname Bo-Jo, right? How about Bodged Job?