29 Jun 2020

And Then, No Surprise...

Way back on 18th June, I finished off a post with wot’s below regarding hand sanitizer;
...my little nest of vipers purchased a bottle of hand sanitizer to keep in the car as it’s a pre-pandemic model and doesn’t have a sink. I checked out the label, as you do, and noted with interest it contained eighty percent alcohol. And I’m supposed to waste that rubbing it on my hands? Are they nuts? Nice with ice? Joke. No I haven’t tried it but wots the betting there are folk out there wot have?

Then, yesterday was it? I bumped into this report and failed to fall over backwards in surprise. Hay, way back in the day, working on mans boats, I well remember sailing with many an old boy who’d strain Brasso Metal Polish through a sock for a quick nip or two when times were bad...
Sing you a song of a world gone wrong,
When they got no use for a shantyman.


Quote;  Louis Pasteur.

“A bottle of wine contains more philosophy that all the books in the world.”

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