4 Mar 2020

And Then, A Restart...

If you watch the news you may find it a tad depressing; as indeed do I. Wot have we got? Plagues of locusts in Africa, millions of our newest, bestest ever friends poised ready to stampede into Europe, smartphones to the fore, which is also presenting a kick-off situation between a couple of countries with Vlad The Lad looking on. I’ve also noticed that global warming has jumped back ahead of climate change. We also have a jolly bad cough sweeping the globe and now news that an asteroid is heading our way.

I’m becoming more convinced with every passing day that we really are just bits and bytes in some evolution type computer game being played by a kid and our planets entire existence is being played-out, in his bedroom, over just a couple or six evenings of the kids time.

Sadly, we’re left with a few possibilities; he’s either rubbish at gaming or he’s running the game under  Billy 10 and his ‘puter has a virus. Whatever, I’m betting he knows he’s messed up big time and his finger’s rapidly – in his time; very slowly in our time – moving towards the shutdown, restart and reset button. Restart or total reset? If the latter, lets hope the lad – or lass or any gender of your choice – has done that lessons learned thingy as far as the game goes and this time the kid should possibly concentrate a tad more on wot the cockroaches can achieve. As for us, just a big Bu-by.

To put the time difference between this kids concept of time and our baby bit and byte time in a computer game into something understandable, here’s something I typed a little bit after a while ago having heard something on the TV receiving box. Did I say understandable?

  I sat up and took better notice when it was mentioned that black energy will tear the entire universe and its contents, that’s everything, absolutely everything, apart and it’ll all disappear in one second.
   Damn, put the tools away; what’s the point? Then it was postulated that this process – not the final second bit  but the bit leading up to that bit – will start in a hundred trillion years from now. As dumb as I be I do know that a trillion is a lot of years but a hundred of they trillions? Damn, get the tools back out as I do believe I’ll have time to get the job done.
   It later became apparent that, however badly my project goes, I’ll definitely have time to make it good as it transpired, if I took this in correctly, that the one hundred trillion years is just to get to the start of the period when black energy will start to do its thing and there’ll be a further ten billion years of stuff happening from then to progress to the next stage and then there’ll be a further period of stuff happening over another ten trillion years before we reach the final one second blink into nothing.

Quote;  Sam Owen.

“Our brains are like computers; it's our responsibility to programme them well, daily, and remove the viruses.”

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