25 Mar 2020

And Then, A Fitting Song...

My little nest of vipers needed{?} some fresh greens today so Off we went. Having got wot she wanted, we took a slightly meandering drive back home to see how that stay at home dictate was working out and I have to say it was scarily quiet with the shutters down on the majority of shops from small to big.  Compared to any other time it was very much like driving through a...


Out of interest, I meandered past the pharmacy where I collect my repeat meds and they were, by the looks of the huge, randomly spaced queue, only allowing one by one entry. Two things crossed my mind; one, from a purely selfish point of view, wouldn’t two queues  be good with one queue being for the still active elderly who’re able to collect their own meds? And two, looking at the scattered formation of the queue, in a few weeks/days when the army are patrolling ready to eliminate any gathering of more than two folk, because of the spacing requirement, thus the loose formation of the queue, it could well be mistaken as an illegal gathering and thus get summarily mown down.

Bringing up the rear is an interesting read over at The Slog. well worth a look.

Quote;  Bill Cosby.

“The past is a ghost, the future a dream and all we ever have is now.”


Ripper said...

Great post Mac, but the quote at the end - would that be Bill Cosby the sexual predator? I think he has forever.

If I had a musical offering, which is somewhat analogous to my life and principles it would have to be the following. I was fortunate enough to have parents that instilled this into me and my siblings from an early age, and I find it especially relevant right now.


Mac said...

I'll definitely put that choon up tonight.
As for Bill Cosby, sadly, yes. And more sadly, way back in the day, before 'revelations' became all the rage, Cosby did some very funny stand-up stuff.