18 Apr 2019

And Then An Update...

In and out again to see if my fingers hit the letters my head was thinking about and thus form the  words I’m thinking of.  Sofa so goo... Oh.

Anyhoo, me wise, I’m more than happy to report I seem to be slowly progressing towards good health but sad to say it’s hard to shake what happened out of my head. To be expected I guess and it’s not helped by the fact that every time I turn the TV on I seem to land on a scene featuring young folk talking about some old guy who’s just had a heart attack. Still a few outpatient visits yet to go so still few and far between post here.

As above, these visits to my keyboard will still be sporadic in nature for a goodly while yet also bearing in mind that Article 13 thingy and exactly wot you can and can’t do on the Web after it becomes enforceable. No more quoting? Will my Jukebox have to go? No more linking? No more free thinking?

Well, so, what’s been happening out there as I continue to convalesce? Brexit? Just what most of us expected. Not going to happen in the way it was voted for is it.

I also see that some young lady who allegedly sowed folk into bombs is getting UK legal aid in her bid to get back here. On the same news bulletin was the news that ‘Soldier F’ will be prosecuted for the killing of an unarmed fellow forty years ago during the troubles. It’s all a tad upside down is it not?

With regards ‘Soldier F’, I can only guess that any surviving air crew from WWII - or indeed any air crew since who’ve been involved with the dropping of bombs and didn’t first confirm that everyone in the target area was pointing a gun at them - will be waiting for their doors to get kicked in. Will this include the bad guys that bombed us as well? Is that the sound of salivating lawyers I hear?

As for those ‘environ-mental’ protesters down London the way, how long do you think a Brexit demo along similar lines would be allowed to continue before dispersal baton charges were ordered from upon high?

Quote;  Phillip Roth.

“The English Language is a form of communication! Words aren't only bombs and bullets - no, they're little gifts, containing meanings. What is true in love, is equally true at law.”


A K Haart said...

Excellent news about your progress towards good health. As you will already have noticed you haven't missed much. Somehow it seems to be the same game which never actually ends and doesn't change much apart from substitutes coming on every now and then to score even more own goals.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
Thank you. Yes, it would seem to be much of a mess as I left it as a result of what you say. And let's not forget the continual subtle changing of the rules in 'their' favour.

Elwyn said...

Thanks for the health update Mac. I did try to message you a few days back to ask how you were but you don't seem to have any form of contact apart from "leave your comment" but anyhoo, summer is always a good time of the year to be in recovery so enjoy it, bathe in it, and get well soon buddy.

Mac said...

Thanks for that. A comment gets sent to an e-mail account so I'm not too far away. I don't have anything to do with social media although I did once think about signing up to Elite Singles but realized I'm neither elite nor single...
Again, thanks for the thoughts.