10 Jan 2019

And Then Another Job...

Over recent times you can’t have failed to hear and see, via all media outlets, that the country is facing an obesity epidemic and sooo much needs to be done to control us and so get folks weight down. Especially kids. As previously typed, my own unscientific observations would suggest that kids look totally un-fat. However, that’s just me with no vested interests.

Wot to do about it then? Well, would you believe it; MPs and others are now squealing for the appointment of a dedicated Minister for Hunger. Hello? Still nobody there then?

These fellows really do need to talk to each other and try to keep up with latest scare and ensure they’re all on the same page of the latest scare story and when a new scare is suggested ensure sufficient time has elapsed since the last scare so’s to stand the best chance that us down here have forgotten that scare. The time delay should be doubled, nay fourbled,  in the event of two totally contradictory scares for obvious reasons.

Addendum-a-Doodad: I see the Minister for Hunger will also be required to address the ‘problem’ of cheap food that, allegedly, leads to obesity. So people are so hungry they’re eating cheap food and getting fatter? Confused? And we wonder why that Brexit thingy’s posing so many ‘complex’ problems for our betters...

In other head shaking news from the BBCs environ-mental analyst... Standby for the introduction or a swingeing pet tax.

Quote;  Rob Zombie.

“Great things come out of being hungry and cold. Once you're pampered, you get lazy.”


A K Haart said...

Maybe we need a Minister for Scares to coordinate the scares. Obviously he or she (or maybe it) would have to be scary because it would be no good appointing somebody who looks like Gary Lineker.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
Thank you so much for kick-starting a gloomy day with a wide smile.