7 Nov 2018

And Then US News...

I really don’t have much of a clue regarding those midterm thingies that’ve been taking place over the pond nor do I pretend to understand that Senate/House system. Wot to do? Lets check the unbiased BBC to see wot’s wot.

After checking in with the MBC at various times through the day, the message pumped into my swede by a never ending parade of twenty something girls, all introduced as Political Correspondents,  was, loudly, the Democrats won big in a house thus landing a huge blow on Trumpton. Then, in a whisper, the Republicans held, or possibly won some bits, by a very narrow margin, in something else.

It also seems a given, according to most of the ‘experts’ they ‘interviewed’, that Trumpton, apparently the most corrupt person just about ever, will be in prison within the next couple of months.

That’s the message I, and many millions of other folk I guess, got from the MBC coverage this cold day. Other channels were available but upon trying them it would seem Trumpton is hated by the entire UK MSM. From that, one must assume he’s doing something ‘right’, right?

However, the MBC online reporting of the results is very balanced. Hay, only kidding.

Quote; David Brenner.

“I was on the subway sitting on a newspaper and a guy comes up and says, 'Are you reading that?' I didn't know what to say, so I just said, `Yes,' stood up, turned the page and sat down again.”

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