30 Nov 2018

And Then, The News...

I’m sure I’m not alone in noting that recently, when watching any BBC news and they shoot off to an outside reporter or a reporter in another country, or one of their ‘specialist correspondents’ it seems to be a new face almost every time. You noticed that? But all they do is repeat wot the studio person just said. How much is that costing the dwindling number of the license paying public then? Plus their support teams. And let’s not forget accommodation for the full gang of course. No surprise they’re in discussions with themselves regarding dropping free licenses for the over seventy-fives then.

I also noted yesterday that they had some religious lady on a late night news program screeching in support for Old Ma May’s Brexit thingy. Seems she’s some sort of actress...

You remember the fellow who wanted to legally reduce his age from sixty-nine to forty-nine? Well, check this out from a BBC site:

  Ratelband feel say im age no dey let correct women for dating app, Tinder to dey look im face and beta work no dey also reach im side.    
  "Wen I dey 69, e dey limit me. If I 49, I go fit buy new house, drive different cars. I fit do more jobs, im tok.
  "Wen I dey on top Tinder and I say dey 69, nobodi dey answer me. Wen I dey 49, wit di kain face wey I get, na serious jolliment I go dey."
  Local court for Amsterdam go torchlight di case in four weeks.

‘Serious jolliment’? Man, I need to remember that one! Yup, BBC pidgin. Who knew? I do seem to vaguely remember it starting up. And for further proof that they are spending our money, for indeed it is our money, wisely, pop along here for a quick visit to said page. Ah shacks ma heed. I really do.

In other news, I see Old Ma May is in the Argentine. Will she  handover the Falklands thus leaving us with sweet Rockall?


Quote;  P. J. O’Rourke.

“I am a student of stupidity. I am a political reporter.”

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