5 Oct 2018

And Then, Yet More...

Am I right in believing there’s a program on the TV every morning called Good Morning Britain, cunningly abbreviated to GMB? Well, after blundering into the latest lunacy, stupidly thinking we’d already reached peak lunacy, I feel there’s an opportunity for a new TV show. Put it on once a week, late Friday evening and have a bunch of they roving reporters posted round the pubs ready to take comments live on air. The aim of this new program? To have a rundown of all the past weeks lunatic ideas and ‘new loony plans’. And the name of this ground-breaking program? Good By Britain.

The above was brought to thought by bumbling into this stunning ‘news’ a bit of wot’s below. Yes, similar has been bandied about recently, but this takes it to a whole different level. {Still not sure if you’re presently allowed to do that cut an’ paste thingy so if it’s now naughty, sorry.}
   “Parents who won't let their son wear a skirt may have to be referred to social services, schools advised.”
   “Mothers and fathers who dismiss a “gender questioning” child’s requests to change their name could also be a trigger for concern, according to Brighton and Hove City Council’s “Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit”.

Hello Brighton Council, you have a ‘Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit’? Are you all totally nuts? Hay, these are children you’re messing with. Children. Leave them alone to be children. They’ll grow into confused adults soon enough without your looney toons interference, okay? Do something a tad useful. I’m sure your roads have countless potholes you could be repairing, right? Have at it!

You know wot’s really scary? The fact these weirdoes actually manage to get into prominent positions and are then allowed to start foisting their whacky ideas onto the unsuspecting public at large. And how long before that public finally say, you know wot? Enough already. Let’s break out the pitchforks. Yeah right, time passes; squirrels romp hither and thither...

Quote;  Steven Levitsky.

“The drift into authoritarianism doesn’t always set off alarm bells. Citizens are often slow to realize that their democracy is being dismantled even as it happens before their eyes.”


Ed P said...

I suspect most of these loonies are "graduates" of that shady organisation, Common Purpose. Or perhaps friends of Momentum - the scary left-wing organiser of protests against anything that isn't Corbyn-approved.
Right-minded (but not necessarily right-wing) people must fight these diseases in our midst before it's too late.

Mac said...

Ed P,
It's possible, "Or Perhaps..." isn't needed. Probably all the above.
Your last sentence? So very true as there seems to be no fightback from our supposedly Conservative 'leadership' at all. Just silence so one can only assume they're either fully on board with it all or terrified of rocking the boat. Even this sinking boat. Give in to one loony minority group and you've already surrendered to the next and the next and the next.