2 Oct 2018

And Then More Nuttery...

I’m still up against it and flat out like a lizard drinking but still confident I’ll have it all snuffed up waaaay before that Brexit thingy. Probably faster than Mrs May-be-Dumb could spell BREXIT out loud. So why am I here? You seen the latest lunacy? Manchester University student union is to ban clapping because it may trigger anxiety attacks... You shaking your head in disbelief out there?

This would be one of our universities; those bastions of learning where the best of the best of our young would go to study and also be confronted by all the good, the bad and the ugly that life can throw at you and learn to cope and confront it all by differentiating between all those things and engaging in reasoned argument for or against. And may the best ma... sorry; person win. Now they can’t even be allowed to clap in case it causes some of them to fold and start crying? Hello?

The scary thing is that, in the not too distant future, some of these timid little cotton wool wrapped things names are going to be popping up on ballot papers for election to high office. Think about that.

Please, when does the fight-back start? 

Quote;  James Stephens.

“A sword, a spade, and a thought should never be allowed to rust.”

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