9 Aug 2018

And Then The Outrage...

Is this burqa fiasco never going to end? I do believe it’s held the news headline slot for longer than most, if not all, terror attacks  have managed. Reflect on how sad that is.

If you’re of an age, as indeed am I, I’m guessing you can well remember the days that whenever travelling by train you’d see on any station platform in the whole land at least one squaddie and at a minimum, two nuns and I’m sure you well remember all the news media of the time unleashing an hysterical outcry upon discovering that many fellow train spotters often referred to the nuns, without ever knowing their country of origin, as penguins owing to their habit.**

Wot? You really don’t remember the howls of outrage that emanated from one and all up there and over there because nuns were jokingly referred to as penguins? No, me neither. But one light hearted {some would suggest calculated?} reference regarding our newest, bestest ever friends and a pillar-box and  low and behold, the entire Department  for the Perpetually Offended goes BOOM!!

Anyhoo, let’s not give that no never mind as it seems Mr Johnson delivered his letter of apology – or attempted to – earlier today.


**Note: The word ‘habit’, in the context of that sentence, refers to how nuns looked in their official mode of attire and should not, under any circumstances,  be taken to suggest they were in the habit of hanging around on station platforms, nibbling raw fish and sliding about on their bottoms.

Quote;  Lesley Howarth.

“I know what nuns are, kind of. It's just I never saw one. I didn't know they looked like penguins.”


Nomis said...

As an antidote to all this hulabaloo may I suggest catching up on a few Not the Nine O'Clock News clips? It helps me to realise how bad things have become with regards to free speech.

Mac said...

Free speech for the left - cool, edgy and funny.
Free speech for the right - dividing, discriminatory and racist.