26 Jun 2018

And Then, The Garden...

Where the hell did those days go? Lost in the garden, that’s where. Why? Well, the hard part of the garden, the pea gravel, is separated from the soft bits, the bedding borders, by log effect wooden edging. Below isn’t ours, but stuff like this is wot I’m talkin’ about;

Anyhoo, the edging has been out in all weathers for six – getting on eight – years and was giving out in quite a few places. Wot to do? Replace as required would be the answer and that I did.

Last time, I laid the edging out on a tarp and applied wood preserver, roll by roll, by brush. Thinking of my back made me devise an easier way. I got me a big cheap plastic storage box, added preserver and immersed the log rolls in the box for a few hours; turning occasionally as it  would seem wood floats...

Having soaked, I laid the rolls out on the tarp to dry while I dug out the old. Wot took the time was the result of inflation over the years resulting in the deflation of the new roll lengths by two pieces per roll.  Bummer.

All done now and my little nest of vipers is sitting in the shade thinking wot else she can get me doing other than just sitting, relaxing looking a lot like a battered and bruised, world weary garden gnome.

Quote;  Charles Dudley Warner.

“What a man needs in gardening is a cast-iron back, with a hinge in it.”


Ripper said...

Can't beat wall to wall concrete, that's what I'm doing. If I feel the need to watch flowers grow I'll take a ride out into the countryside. Plant life and grass is great as long as it stays out of my back yard.

Mac said...

That was the plan - my plan - when I dug out the lawn and laid pea gravel. Then she could have as many pots and troughs as she liked.
Guess wot. Borders is wot she wanted so borders is wot she got. Fair dues, she takes care with very little input from me other than very infrequent renewing of the edging, fencing an’ such and she do create a very colourful place to relax.