24 Mar 2018

And Then Two Views...

While doing that mooching round YouTube thingy the other evening I per chanced to click on the first number below which gave me cause to pause.

Whoa!! Say wot? Attention Whore? Having gathered my ears together, I still wasn’t too sure what I’d blundered into. I did my best to give it no never mind and decided whatever the message the ‘singer’ was trying to project, it does ‘work’ for this weird world we’re all sharing. By the third listen I found it’s actually pretty funny. Intentionally so I assume.

I would humbly suggest Timidadians should give these toons a miss. There must be squirrel videos you can watch. Don’t go near no doggy clips, okay?


Okay, after giving that a few spins I found I really needed a ‘reality’ antidote so did a little more  clicking and here you go;


Quote;  Allen Ginsberg.

“Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!”


Caratacus said...

Speaking of feather boas, I wonder have you seen this on your peregrinations about Youtube? Caught it by chance last week and lolled, as the young have it, out loud when Mr. James began speaking ...


A tiny bit of relief from the machinations of our illustrious rulers; the venal, untrustworthy, treasonous, kleptomanic, sociopathic, worthless pieces of human refuse. And when I see Mrs. Blair's little boy gracing the screen on one of his TV appearances of late I am reminded of a northern chap who found himself struggling to find the words to describe someone he had taken against, "He's got the sort of face that ... that .. that you just can't stop hitting once you've started". Very succinct.

Mac said...

Love that link - front and centre tonight? Hell yes!
As for your words relating to our illustrious leaders, I get the impression you're holding back somewhat...
Thanks for giving me the chance to use an old, reworded, question and answer session;
Q - You're trapped in a room with a tiger, a homicidal maniac and Tony Blair. You're given a gun with only two bullets. What do you do?
A - Shoot Blair twice.